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Other Resources

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Thrift Stores
Name & Address Specialties Comments
Salvation Army
several locations across Canada; use the store finder for nearest location
second-hand clothing and goods  
St. Vincent de Paul
several locations across Canada
second-hand clothing and goods  
Value Village
several locations across Canada
second-hand clothing and goods  
Etsy / Ebay / Goth Auctions / etc.
Seller Name Specialties Comments
A Second Time steampunk, sterling silver jewellery, vintage watches and pocket watches  
Bitchcraft clothing  
Chrys Designs Jewelry jewellery  
ClockworkZero steampunk, cyberpunk jewellery  
Dark Destiny Designs clothing, accessories  
Decadent Designs clothing, corsets  
Fluffer Designs clothing, corsets, accessories  
LeatherRoses handcrafted leather roses for Gothic weddings or special romantic occasions  
Less Than Three Chrissy cute kawaii jewellery and accessories  
Loliposh clothing, jewellery, accessories  
Lunet Muse steampunk, vintage jewellery  
Malice Alice clothing, accessories  
Melanie Gail clothing, corsets
Missy Industry clothing, jewellery, accessories  
Moon Raven Designs jewellery, accessories  
NavitsDREAMTHREADS clothing, accessories  
Scarletfae jewellery, accessories  
Sleepless Storyteller steampunk, cyberpunk, rockabilly jewellery and accessories  
Threaded Metal beadwork and chainmail jewellery  
Auction/Sales Sites
Name & Address Specialties Comments pretty much everything imaginable! Canadian version of the eBay site
Etsy handmade clothing, accessories, crafts, more  
Goth Auctions goth-related auctions  
Velvet Garden set-price items  
Regional Sites (Publications, Websites, etc.)
Name & Address Specialties Comments
Bazaar of the Bizarre
Toronto, ON & other
both a tri-annual marketplace that takes place in Toronto Canada, and a travelling marketplace  
Dark Edmonton LiveJournal page
Edmonton, AB
Dark Ottawa LiveJournal page
Ottawa, ON
Gothic Ottawa Facebook page
Ottawa, ON
Toronto Goth Facebook page
Toronto, ON
Gothic BC
Misc. Resources
Name & Address Specialties Comments
La Carmina Gothic Lolita fashion and subculture  
Répertoire des ressources médiévales du Québec medieval clothing, accessories and arms